Monday, April 18, 2005

I feel better :)

5 Weeks without junk food!
Weight 96.3
Loss 4.7 kgs (10.4 pounds)

The whole weight fluctuation thing is very annoying. It puts me on a downer and then magically the weight goes again. I didn't lose as much weight this week as I would have liked, but any loss is a good loss.
Thank you for the comments, because they are motivational and make me feel better :)

About a month before christmas I weighed 98kgs and when I broke my elbow and wrist on Christmas day I weighed about 94kgs. I lost that weight by drinking a certain fruit juice and having a coffee in the morning, for lunch I had smoked salmon and crackers and dinner was a stir fry. I was also busy running around all day with Christmas sales (I work in retail). I lost weight but I wasn't eating well enough, fruit juice and coffee for breakfast?! not very smart. I have now been off work for 4 months due to problems with my arm, I would have liked to go back to work at the weight I was on Christmas Eve, but oh well, I'm close enough :)
Many people don't understand how easy it is for me to gain weight, I gained 7 kilos in less that 6 weeks. I couldn't drive the whole time I had the cast on my arm (it's illegal!) so we walked everywhere! I DID NOT eat junk food all day every day, the things I did wrong were never eating breakfast, hardly ever ate lunch, and then ate too much at my dizzy time of 4pm and continued to eat too much at dinner time. We did have a lot of frozen dinners and take away a few times a week because it was difficult for me to cook. The exercise we were doing should have made a difference but it didn't, then again maybe it did and I could have started the diet study at 110kgs!
The diet study has shown me how important it is to eat breakfast and eat regularly. I think my results are proof that this way of life is so much better :)
I'm not even missing junk food. On every other diet, I would still have junk food, I would always tell myself that I would "do better tomorrow" because I "really need it now" which is bulls**t. The only person I was hurting was myself, the people who weigh you in at weight watchers and jenny craig etc don't care if you gain weight, they love it because that means you'll be paying them more money for a lot longer!
Ok that's my rant for the day :)


T666 said...

more good foods, more exercising (u goto do some hardcore training this aint no walk in the park), and more help/plans from your dietitican, natrapath/homeopath, physio, docters and dont stop until u succeed.

Glen said...

I think we are all proud of you. I have always said you were way too hard on yourself. The fact that you are beautiful, smart and very fun to be around, should make you feel so good about yourself. Dont worry about the specific weight. Go on how you feel and look. Pictures are deceiving sometimes also, so dont go on the one from wrestling.