Monday, April 4, 2005

97.7kgs! 3.3 kgs in 3 weeks!

This loss is very sweet!
Before I started the diet I looked for a 'real age' test online, I found this one Real Age
My actual age is 32.6 but my 'real age' was 39.9 I really don't want to turn 40 so that was more motivation to suceed. I redid the test today and with all of the changes, I've got my age down to 34.3! :)
When I've lost all of my weight I should be back in my twenties. And I was even more gorgeous back then, so I'll be happy being 20 again ;)


Rickymac47 said...

i'm ACTUALLY 27, but my 'real age' is 36.9 :( thanks for showing me that site. i feel great now. glad you're ok. x

Anonymous said...

whoo, i'll be 33 in a couple of weeks, but it says I am 30.3. Wait a minute, how come I am always told I act like a child????