Thursday, October 5, 2006

*Insert impending doom music here

Today is the day, I am leaving for hospital in 3 hours, surgery is in 6 hours. I should actually be in the shower washing my whole body, "while paying special attention to my genitalia" with some antibacterial soap stuff that they gave me, I'm also supposed to wash my hair with it, can just imagine how that's going to make my beautiful hair feel.. like friggin straw I'm guessing.
So anyway.. put simply I'm scared to death, damn didn't want to use that word. Radial Head resection, sounds like great fun, hopefully I shall be stoned off my head on pain killers by this time tonight.
Ok I'm off to pay special attention to my genitalia, damn they even have picture instructions on how I should wash hahaha


T666 said...

if u need some help wit dat... :p dd

LiSh said...

Ignore their pictures!! Do it the fun way... or else...

Rickymac47 said...

hope you're ahreet. Let me know if you're not, i'll get the fluffy bunnies shipped straight away!!

Will it bend straight now it's bionic?

bye x