Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is the ghost of me past

I died during surgery and that's why I haven't been online for a while, but I'm back now :)

Ok I lied, I didn't even have surgery.
I was all gowned up and anti-bacterialised and waiting and waiting and my surgeon came to tell me that there were problems with the surgery before mine (I am hoping that isn't doc speak for "oops-a -daisy we killed the guy")
blah whatever, couldn't be helped, no point getting upset about it, like the stupid woman who made the comment "Hospitals have to realise that patients have lives too" yes and I like mine and would prefer not to piss anyone off who could do things to me while I'm under a general.
Surgery has been rebooked for Thursday 19th, and I wont get bumped this time, cos I get preference, yay lucky me :)


Steph said...

Well that sucks. what can you do though.

T666 said...

to be sure he wont bump u again
u could shoot the doc :p