Wednesday, October 18, 2006

dorsal scapholunate ganglion

So how would you like to have a dorsal scapholunate ganglion, I know! me too!
yay I've got one! (and MRI's suck arse)
That's what's been making my wrist hurt, so every time I warked about the pain my wrist it was because I have a dorsal scapholunate ganglion!!!!
say it with me dorsal scapholunate ganglion, dorsal scapholunate ganglion, dorsal scapholunate ganglion.
If anyone can figure out what it is, please contact me.
Surgery is at 9am tomorrow
I have to be at the hospital at 7
Super! More washing with icko hospital antibacterial soap while paying special attention to my happy bits

or your best wishes :)
love and smoochies

dorsal scapholunate ganglion is a cyst, the one I have formed in a tear in my ligament and has to be surgically removed


T666 said...

dorsal scapholunate ganglion
u mite be turning into a shark lol... dorsal fin!
scapholunate best served fried wit chips :p
ganglion... otherwise known as da gang of lionz
or could also be a group sex type thing but im not 100% sure on dat one
my diagnisis is u will be ok
u goto eat 2 weetbix per day
and nor more than 12 beers

Steph said...

I hope everything worked out ok. Let us know. ((hugs))

evil genius said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes well, and it should, good things happen to good people :)

Steph said...

Just read your other post.
Sweets. Don't let the shit get you down. I know things seem grim for your right now, but you have kids don't you?

They need you.
Go see your doctor and get some help.
You must. If not for yourself, then for them.

((big hugs))