Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sliced and diced

Did you know that one in 10000 people die during a general anaesthetic? Did you also know that there are lots of (happy now richy dear?) complications to be had as well?
I can even list them

* Injury at the injection site
* Infection
* Breathing problems
* Short term damage to nerves
* Allergic reaction, for example, asthma attack
* Having sensation (and pain) during the operation
* Damage to the mouth, teeth, lips or tongue
* Damage to vocal cords or larynx
* Lung damage
* Heart attack
* Brain damage
* Stroke
* Kidney failure
* Liver failure
* Paraplegia
* Quadriplegia.

Woo hoo!! So now I am super excited about having my operation!
I've never been knocked out for anything, but October the 5th is the day that I get to go unconscious for a few hours. All going well I'll be out on the 6th. Stupid broken elbow (dec 2004), because of stupid skateboarding, actually I still love skateboarding :)
My big teddy bear specialist got all happy about being able to attempt to straighten my arm while I'm knocked out, his face looked like a kid at christmas, so I mentioned morphine a few times, I don't know whether or not he thought I was being serious, but hell yes I'm being serious, give me pain drugs and keep them coming!
I've asked myself over and over whether or not I should get this done, but as the last cortisone injection gradually wears off, I know that any permanent pain relief would be great. There's no guarantee that anything will improve though. And because I am the only parent that my daughters have, I worry that I could be doing the wrong thing by them if something goes horribly wrong, yes I know that chances of that are teeny but I worry about everything.

So anyway, I'm getting prepared, writing my will, cleaning my house, hiding the toys, have got the awesome egyptian cotton sheets reading for my return, no doubt I will wash them again before I go into hospital because there's nothing like freshly sun dried egyptian cotton sheets (no fabric softener!!).. heaven!
I've asked Ky to bring me some gai pric from Sanook at Corlette OMG YUM! what else do I need? oh yeah lots of dvds, new scrubs collection is out today!!

The other things I worry about is saying stupid stuff. I say so many dumb things while I am awake, so I can just imagine what I'll be saying while I'm coming out of the anaesthetic!

And in other news,

Poor little A has broken her finger.
Her bus driver that takes her from school to the train station decided that the engine wasn't working to his satisfaction and told the kids that he was going to take the bus back to the depot so if they were in a hurry they would have to get out and run to the train station to get to their trains.
So A ran down the street to get to her train on time, she dodged some people and gracefully flew over a a big mosaic flower pot, hurting her leg and bending her finger in a position that it wasn't supposed to go in. Poor little duck was helped to the station by a nice lady, and caught her train home, her pointy finger (ok INDEX finger) on her left hand was very swollen, we took her to Hospital and after 5 hours we were told that her finger is broken, her x-rays look cooooool, nice break, luckily it didn't involve the growth plate, couple of millimetres lower and it would have, so her finger should grow normally. They strapped her finger because it's too swollen for anything else and we have to go to the fracture clinic today so they can look at it again. I did ask the doctor if she could keep doing the dishes and the evil man said no?! how fair is that?! now B and I have to do them!!!!
She was very brave and didn't cry much (I know!! this is kid that stubs her toe and cries so the street can hear!! yet she breaks a finger and hardly cries?!) she started crying after 4 hours in the hospital, poor little flower was getting very frustrated
Luckily she can still play playstation


Rickymac47 said...

HEY, stop calling me a whinging pom frikit!

Good luck with the arm thingy, hope it works after. erm....fields of grass, baby ducks, warm water....ranch dressing

bye!! x

Anonymous said...

good luck, you'll be fine!
hope your little girl feels better

Steph said...

Your daughter sounds as clumsy as me. Poor thing.

So how did your surgery go?

T666 said...

LOST all da way :p
i been general anastetic 4 or 5 times now...
once the needel goes in try to count as high as u can
i think i got to 10
but cant remmeber anyways
write on your arm also so when they start doin the operation
ill get some extra hits to my site
your kid will b alrite
they heal super fast
just make sure the doc checks everything is in da rite place
bones r nufin
they like braking!

T666 said...

oh yeh i was goin 2 say
u got nufin 2 worry about
i had heaps of generals... and look at me
i turned out fine :p