Saturday, September 9, 2006

It's my B B B Birthday!!!!

Yes it's my birthday, I am older and wiser and thinner and gorgeouser!
I am home and online cos the freaking torrential downpour that's happening outside is keeping me here, but i'm ok with that cos I bought wine yesterday :)
There's also left over chinese from last night's birthday eve dinner, there's a few cakes, loads of grolsch and the sound of freakin music is on TV hoo freakin ray! Actually I got DVDs yesterday, thank god for blockbusters two night new release thingy, it meant that I didn't have to leave the house after my champagne brekky. Lucky I went to the gym before brekky!
So happy birthday to meeeeeee happy birthday toooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gorgeous beautiful meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy birthday to me, hip hip hooray hip hip hoooooooooray more beeeer mooooooore beeeeeeeeeer woooooooooooooooooo!


Mr Sarky Sarky said...

Im in alot of trouble

Mr Sarky Sarky said...

Happy Birthday

Hope you are having a great day/night. If only i was down there to share some of that wine. Ok, i would of bought some more, just to be nice :). And we would of gone outside too, run around in the rain for a while, like silly buggers...and then pass out (from the wine of course :P)

T666 said...

i got yor present rite here :p LOL!!!



Steph said...

Happy belated birthday sweetheart.
I hope you had a great one. xx

evil genius said...

Happy Birthday!!