Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well now.. didn't expect this :)

So... little bit over due, nothing new, but the weight loss had made me a bit more regular
Guess what else it made me!!!

Test one, 5.30am this morning, watching the pee move up the window
First line appears,
rightio then,
second line appears,
two lines? that means negative? even though i knew it didn't, next thought?
Oh shit

Second test, yep still pregnant lol


And Arella decided to eat the box :)

We're shocked, especially considering my age and my ovaries, I had a less than 15% chance of becoming pregnant

But we're also very very happy :)
(so no comments asking me if we're happy ok?)

This is the universe's way of making sure Glen and I are never apart again


Myst_72 said...

Oh my goodness Tania that's fantastic news - I'm really so excited for you - WOW!!!

I'm thinking a blue one this time....?

Big hugs & congratulations!


Tania said...

Oh G thank you :)

Glen is one of three boys, but his brother's wife just had a girl, so who knows :)

I'm just glad I now know why my tummy is gigantic! After my run last night, Bianca commented "wow I haven't seen your tummy bigger than your boobs for a long time!" lol yeah thanks. With Bianca my tummy was flat until almost 6 months, with Allira I was being asked if I had twins in there when I was 6 weeks pregnant lol

River said...

Well, surprise, surprise. And congratulations.

Jacqui said...

Oh. My. God.
No wonder you were GLOWING the other day!
I'm so excited!!!

Tania said...

Thank you River :) yes very big surprise

Jacqui my lovely! glowing lol
We'll have to start meeting up when you're in the area, it was so good to see you last week :)


Jacqui said...

Yeah, it was! :)
I am in hospital from next thurs for a week, I'll give you a call and we can get a coffee or lunch or something. :) Too many nice cafes in the junction to waste that opportunity, eh?

Tania said...

absolutely :)

we can try them all lol

Lisa said...

congratulations !

Michelle said...

Wow! Huge pun intended.


dragonesque said...

Just meant to be, hey?
Congratulations and brightest blessings to you all!

Tania said...

Thanks Lisa :)

Yes huge indeed lol thanks Michelle :)

Yes Wendy, you're very right, that's how we see it and thank you :)

Hippy Witch said...

Congratulations Tania, it's good to see you happy.

Tania said...

Thank you Diana, we're very happy. The girls are so excited!

jewell said...

Cyndy said...

Wow, fab for you guys, Tania!

Did you have a wedding dress picked out? I hope it's got room.....

I love your photo evidence... lol Actually, I STILL have my +ve test for Vboy...

How far along?'s been quite a year, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly know how to shake things up!All the very best!w.w.

Kathleen said...

Congratulations! xx

Tania said...

Thanks Jewell :)

Hi Cyndy, yes it's a fabulous surprise :) I already have my dresses for both Newcastle and New York and nope there's no room lol but we are getting married before the little one arrives, so I guess I'll be wearing a tent. Only very very early about 5 weeks :) Yes massive year, one of the best years of my life!

Thank you Renata, oh yeah I don't do things by halves lol

Thank you Kathleen :)


Glain said...

OMG! Congratulations!!! :) :)
You deserve to be this happy Tania :)

Tania said...

Thanks Glain :)
I can't believe how happy!

I really appreciate all the kind words


Natalie said...

Wonderful stuff. Congratulations Tania.x

Tania said...

Thanks Natalie :)

Paula and Skip said...

Hi, didnt want to just leave. That are fabulous news and I wish you all the best. Paula xx

Tania said...

Thank you Paula :) I appreciate you leaving a comment