Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free.. two Children...to a home, doesn't even have to be a good one

I am very upset at the moment,

trying to find some good

I had a feeling that there was going to be flat inspection, I kept asking the girls for the mail, but there was supposedly none. When I was in America, I asked if there was a letter from the Real Estate agency, they said no, this morning I call the agent, and yes there was an inspection, this morning while I was out at the dentist. House is an absolute mess! like a "Today Tonight" house and I'm not joking, it's bad. Jet lag and children who hate me every time I ask them to help has not made a clean house.

Plus they saw the cats, I know it's bad and I shouldn't have lied about them, but we were desperate for a house.

I am sickened. Real Estate is not happy, they were surprised considering how clean it usually is.

oh where's the tequila :(


Lisa said...

thats all ive got today tania
when we come back to earth, it is usually with a thud
bianca missed you so much when you were away
smooch xxx

Glain said...

Oh noo! I hope everything turns out well. Is the lease up for renewal anytime soon?

River said...

I'm not looking forward to my next inspection. I'm not supposed to have pets and there is currently a goldfish bowl on the dining table and another in the bathroom. Not the easiest things to hide in the wardrobe.

Tania said...

Yes big thud lovely Lisa, but we'll survive :)

The lease ran out over a year ago, they're not going to kick us out, but I have to get rid of my cat and Bianca's, how do I part with an animal who literally saved my life 9 1/2 years ago.

Do they care about fish? I thought it was just the four legged kind of animals, I think you'll be fine :)

dragonesque said...

If only houses were allowed to be lived in!

Is there any possibility that you can apply to keep the cats at this stage? Sometimes it is just a formality to gain permission and as long as the other check boxes are in order and the cats aren't causing a problem the real estate agent may be able to organise another inspection and they may let your other four-legged family members stay.

Jen said...

gee Tania, I will swap daughter problems if you like.

Want an almost 17 year old with all the associated hormonal attitudes, and her 14 year old apprentice??

A missing letter is a walk in the park really, in the grand scheme of things.

perspective is always good

Tania said...

Ahh Wendy :) you do know that you have a smile that literally lights up a room right? They're giving me a second inspection cos I've never given them any problems before. And I'll ask my parents to take the cats for a while, but they don't really help me with much, we'll have to move when Glen gets here anyway. And I'll also check with the real estate agency if I can pay extra onto the bond or something :)

Lol no thanks Jen, I have a 15 yr old with a 13 yr old apprentice. I wish it was as simple as a lost letter.

Myst_72 said...


Surely they should give you the opportunity to o.k. or not o.k. the inspection day/time?

I'm pretty sure they would see that the house is clean underneath a bit of mess.


Michelle said...

Ahhh poo.

Next week it will matter not.

Real estate people generally understand about life....well, I do anyway :0)

Tania said...

G, nope, they send a letter they turn up. It's ok, I found some good, the dishes were done lol

Thanks Michelle :)
I'm sure I'm not the first person and definitely wont be the last.