Friday, February 10, 2006

Nigel No More!!

I have finished my first week back at school, well TAFE which stands for... umm... technical a fuckit e, ok I have no idea what it stands for, it's school for big people to learn trades and skills, and I am there MAKING FRIENDS!!! I am not a tragic Nigel no friends, but my BFF (I've started 'school' and now I am 12 again) lives in Nelson Bay which is about 40 minutes from here. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when we go to break and they ask me to join them! I'm so used to being at work and having lunch alone, and being treated like I am inferior by customers, so this is really nice.
I was even asked out!!! actually I should be there now, but I'm not completely comfortable going out on a date kind of thing yet, but it felt good being asked, nice guy, looks a bit like Adam Sandler, sits with me in our classes, he's also asked to me to format his hard drive HAHAHA... we're studying IT, minds out of gutter please.

My confidence has grown in the last few weeks, it's amazing what leaving a bad job can do for your self esteem. You might notice I've changed the picture, gone is my chubby face and hello! there's a pic of me in something red and black, but who knows... it might change again. The only reason I put that pic there is because I am proud of myself, I bought that corset about 7 months ago, hoping that one day I would be able to do it up and guess what? I can finaly do it up :) and I will show it off for a little while atleast until I am game enough to show my shapely butt ;)

It's been a difficult year for me, first I break my elbow and wrist and then my weight went up and up. I was lucky I bought that paper in March 2005 and saw that article about the PCOS study, I might have weighed 130kgs now instead of 91 if I hadn't seen the article. I know I still have a lot to lose, but so many aspects of my life have improved, from my relationship with my girls to my thoughts about myself, so even though it's taken me the better part of a year to lose 10kgs, the other changes in my life make the weight loss seem like I've already reached my goal. Don't worry, I wont lose sight of where I want to be at the end of this year, but feeling good about myself is something I haven't felt in a long time x


Rickymac47 said...

You've done well. I wish you could see though that the only person who had a problem with your weight was you and the only reason people are taking an interest in you NOW, is cos you're getting your self-confidence back. You're still the same person, it's just that you tend to look up instead of down now.....x

Rickymac47 said...

fluffy bunnies:

Ooohhh T, you look so beautiful in that corset. I'm so happy that you're happy, it's the only reason i'm alive. I hope you get really friendly with this fella, get married in a castle in Scotland and live together forever in constant jaw-aching glee.

Tania said...

You're a funny little english twat aren't you? :P
You know I don't handle compliments well, so thanks for the added fluffy bunny sarcasm, go eat some dust lol love ya

T666 said...

more boobs photos pls :p



Tania said...

It's not a boob photo!
it's just like wearing a strapless top, you've killed the illusion that I had of you lol