Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm a BIG loser!

So hands up who watched Australia's Biggest Loser tonight? did you ridicule them or did you cry with them? I'm a crier, I sympathised with all of them. They are going to cop it for eating their last dinners, and while B and I joked that we would avoid the stuff on the table and head straight for the deserts on the surrounding tables.. I knew in my heart that they were doing what every other fat person has done before starting a diet. It's like a last supper, so many thoughts go through your mind before embarking on that long weight loss journey... "oh well it wont matter, I'll be dieting tomorrow" "I wont be able to eat this again so I might as well enjoy it now" so please don't judge these people, not everyone is strong. I've also been reading some critisisms in the Sunday Herald, from nutritionists etc about how terrible it is that these people are being humiliated. My opinion on that is, for some people who have tried everything else and haven't been able to stick to it, humiliation is the best motivation, put it infront of them and make them see exactly what they have become. I am allowed to say this because it wasn't really until I saw my DEXA scan that I felt completely humiliated, I couldn't even fit on the machine that was there to measure fat people!!!! That humiliation motivated me, I still have the second fat scan picture to look at, I finally fit on the table then :) While anorexics think they look fat, so many fat people don't think they really are THAT fat. Looking in the mirror didn't help me, I have thinny mirrors, I've never looked really overweight in the mirrors, and clothing size didn't mean much, size 22? pfft atleast it wasn't 28. So anyway, while I was crying through Biggest Loser, I looked at my elyptical walker, which is currently standing demon like next to the tv unit with a towel and B's school shirt hanging off it, and B and I agreed that while BL is on I should use that devil machine, so for 30 minutes a day I'm going to push myself while they work their butts off on tv. Hopefully I'll lose 10kgs in 10 weeks! HAHAHAHA, you never know, I just might.

Say hello to Devil Machine

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T666 said...

lol, dat looks like its got mini skatboards for pedals!

hit dat as much as u can...

but u goto do crunches...
and hip lifts...

if u wanna get thin around waist...

set aside 10 minute per day to do crunches...!

remmember, as u build muscles u may even add weight but at the same time u will loose fat so it should remain steady for a while

just stik wit it!