Friday, January 20, 2006

New Year, New Me... hang on didn't I say that last year?

Weight: 91.7kgs
201.7 pounds
Job: none
Happiness: loads :)

Well...I guess it's time to look at last year and figure out what went wrong, I am trying to convince myself that it's because of this shitty disorder that I am still overweight. I thought I would be a much nicer shape by now, I didn't think I would still be spending my Saturday nights alone, but shock horror, guess what my plans are for this Saturday night are?! 2 hours of the Gilmore Girls!!!! yeah I know, awesome!

So what was holding me back last year?
one thing that comes to mind was my awful job, so that job is no more. I am currently unemployed about to go back to studying, I am really excited about it :)
I worked for a horrible little hobbit of a man, who hated me, the feeling was mutual. Small man syndrome does exsist, because he has it. Such a pompous prick. What kind of employer says this...

Me: "D.... I'd like some holidays please, to spend some time with my daughters"
D....: "What would they want to spend time with you for"

See.. asshole!

I left work last thursday, and I feel so much better about myself. Looking back through my blog I can see that I only lost about 2 kilos the whole time I was at work, I lost most of my weight when I was off work with my broken arm.
And now that I am not working I've already lost 2 kilos. It must have been that job that was holding me back, my job was very physical, lots of heavy lifting, on my feet all day, but also very stressful, I was never really eating the wrong things, so I don't know what happened. But as soon as I leave there, the weight is coming off again :)

I was told last night that I look relaxed, that for the past 8 months I've walked around looking pissed off, and now I look calm. I am not struggling with junk food, I am quite happy to eat healthy foods, and I'm even wearing much nicer more figure hugging clothes :)
I don't really care about being single, no honestly I don't, love will come to me, whether it be someone new or someone I already know.

This year WILL be my year :)


T666 said...

firstly, SURFACE is on saturday now! forget gilmore girls :)
in an alternate universe if you hadnt been so determined you could be 20-30kg more than what u are now.
look at it that way you actualy have lost 20-30 kilos!
your in good shape right now to keep movin in da rite direction
stay poisitive and remmeber,

Phil McCrevis said...

Your ex-boss is a total ass monkey. Keep up the good work.

Steph said...

Good luck with it sweets. Losing weight is a bloody bitch of a task. You've lost some already, so you're well on your way :)