Thursday, March 17, 2005

Weight 99.7 I am sooooo good! still fat... but good!

3 days into it and I lost some weight! it's 1.3 kilos and I couldn't be happier.
I had to go to Sydney today for a Dexa scan. Big x-ray kind of thing that measures bone density and body fat. One of the pictures at the end is rather disgusting, like a you without facial features, etc like a big blob of fat in the shape of a body, and the other is like an x-ray which isn't as scary as the blob one.
Long trip down, three hours on the train, and then a clueless walk looking for a bus to the hospital and then the same coming back home so about seven hours of travel today. I did manage to read 2 1/2 Lemony Snicket books though, which made my eldest daughter extremely happy.
I hope I can manage to lose atleast a kilo a week, I want to be a nice weight for my birthday and an even better weight at christmas!


Rickymac47 said...

Just a matter of time, and that's a commodity you have plenty of.

T666 said...

believe in yourself !