Wednesday, March 23, 2005

98.9! Lost some!

98.9! (218 pounds and for my english friend.. 15.5 stone)
That's a nice loss of 700grams.
I'm not very excited about it, I know I should be happy, I'm not really happy about a lot of things at the moment.
I'm still finding it easy. I've made a few changes to my life which seem to be working. On an old Oprah show, her and Bob her trainer, were talking about that tummy grumbling feeling, he said that the grumbling wasn't you actually being hungry, it was your body looking for some fat to feed off. So in Oprah's words (as close to them as I can remember) "you can feed it fat, or you can let it feed off your arse" I get that grumbly feeling every day and I know when I've eaten so I let it feed off my arse and hips, and tummy and well..everywhere!
I'm very aware of what I eat now, I went shopping today and the voices in my head were chatting away telling me that I couldn't have bananas, corn and peas because "they're bad" "don't eat rice or pasta cos they're bad too" but then I think about what Kate my lovely dietitian said, she told me they're all good! choose brown things, wholemeal pasta and bread and brown rice. The voices are there because of all of the diet programs that I have done, I need to get my head around to the new way. Maybe that's another reason I failed at all of the other diets...
I need to exercise more, I'm not doing enough, I have one of those big balls still in it's box with the exercise video. I really should pump it up and use it. I have to wear a pedometer for the diet study, I need to do atleast 10000 steps a day, my daughters are always checking it to see what I've done, they're proud of me :) I'm still not at work, so getting the 10000 steps usually takes two seperate walks a day, one up to the local supermarket and back and one to the shopping villiage a town away and back. I don't want to be all flabby when I've lost the weight, that is something that I worry about, I might hire a personal trainer for a few sessions so they can show me toning exercises.

And as for my friend that let me down on Sunday.. we haven't spoken since Sunday night
which is very rare for us, he said he was going to start doing something so he wouldn't lose my friendship, I didn't think that meant that we shouldn't talk. I was doing fine until I heard a matchbox 20 song and it reminded me of him. I was out shopping for easter eggs for my daughter's hat parade when I heard it, and I didn't even eat an egg :) I guess that's one good thing, I'm not an emotional eater anymore!

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Rickymac47 said...

WOOOHOOOO! You avoided chocolate, well done. That's a big step (for a woman).

You look thinner already ;)