Sunday, March 20, 2005

Same, no changes....cruddy day

Sunday and nothing has changed. I was hoping to have lost some more weight, but I don't care at the moment, I have other problems...On friday the specialist said that I could go back to work, but work wont let me come back, I broke my elbow and wrist on Christmas night and now about 12 weeks later, I'm still in pain but I wont cause any further injury to myself, BUT I will still hurt, which is why work doesn't want me there, and I'm only a sales assistant!!! so I'm looking for another job, there's one in the paper for a receptionist at an escort agency.. could be a good career move. My mum left this morning to fly to Holland (via Japan) to visit my sister and her husband and their beautiful baby that I call Squishy, and I worry about my mum, and today a friend let me down, a friend that I am ALWAYS there for, and it hurts.. so I feel like crap but I still wont cry into a chocolate cake, just into my stir fry and veges.
I took my daughters to Hamilton's food and wine festival, it was a lot of fun! food, face painting, music, food, wine, stalls, food and the Hunter Valley Chocolate shop! oh that little shop is heavenly! I bought my daughters a little chocolate each and they gave me a sample of their chilli chocolate, tiny piece about the size of a coffee bean and it was so good! but that's all I had!

PS I hate being single, just thought I would mention it.

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