Friday, April 24, 2009

All day morning sickness cures, relievers, anyone?

I'd forgotten how horrible all day morning sickness is
but as bad as this is, it's still better than it was with Boo (lasted til 12 weeks) and Allira (lasted til 24 weeks)
I am nauseous, but not throwing up (as I did with my girls) actually I've thrown up twice, once with a hot chocolate and another time with some tea that was supposed to settle my tummy.

It's sucking the life out of me, I function

I'm doing trial and error with things that help
I thought being home would make me feel better than I was feeling in New York, nope I feel just as bad here.

My Preggy Pop drops made me worse today
Ryvitas before I get out of bed are ok, vita wheats are a no no
Weet-Bix makes me want to knock myself unconscious for the day
An egg for breakfast makes me feel slightly better, and a walk down to the beach seems to settle me a little too

It's a shit that this time is so important for development but almost every food makes my tummy turn, so I am trying to remember to take a vitamin every night.
I hate that Glen is so far away and not here to do anything for me. My 'horror'mones are exactly that and I am sick of farting!!

Anyone have any ideas? anything that worked for you?

Glen you're getting a vasectomy, I'm not having another one :P


Lisa said...

i know its awful- it was with Josh too but i would still swap with you in a heartbeat xx

River said...

Sick of farting? Ha Ha. I think you're having a boy this time. We all know how boys love to fart. He's practising through you.

Tania said...

:) thanks Lisa, I know this is a truly special time, and there is a light, hopefully it wont last much longer x

Lol River :) everyone is saying boy this time, and I honestly don't remembering being like this with the girls

Myst_72 said...

Ginger is meant to be good for nausea.
Just eat whatever you can stomach, whenever you feel like it :)

I had morning sickness all day for ages with Small Man - even the sight of dirty dishes made me hurl (we didn't have a dishwasher back then).
I took maxalon, but I think I remember reading you can't take maxalon?

I hope it gets better soon,


Dragonesque said...

Every time is different; the best thing you can do is listen to your body. Try to eat small amounts frequently and make healthy choices whenever you can.

Have the cravings started yet? I LOOOOOVED cravings. I couldn't go near a shopping centre without getting cinnamon doughnuts with my first (boy), pineapple and eggplant (not at the same time) were always on my mind with my second (girl) and loads and loads of chocolate with my third (boy). Hmmm, it seems my boys had a sweet tooth from the womb.

Enjoy this special time and blessings to you always.

Tania said...

Hi G :)
maxalon and stemitil are a no no for me. After Saturday night, I think I've figured out that eating red meat is not a good thing to do, but home made chicken soup is very settling, I've felt ok since last night, nauseous, but not 'tears' nauseous :)

Hi Wendy, healthy choices? but yesterday I learned that kentucky chips are settling hahaha yum
No real cravings yet, but I like tangy stuff more I suppose, with Bianca it was lemons, and with allira it was kitkats, real coke, and milk milk milk and more milk, no wonder she was born with two bottom teeth lol Something a bit strange though, I have absolutely no desire to eat sweet things, which is odd for me.

Thank you all for your responses :)

Myst_72 said...

I saw at the supermarket yesterday Blackmores have a morning sickness vitamin...arrrr there was none of that 'back in my day' ha ha! I wonder what it's like?

No, red meat blergh, coffee blergh with my boys.