Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Aussie Heroes

Those who fought to save their families, their pets, and their homes, and those who died trying.
The men and women who fought fires and saved lives.
The medical teams
The veterinary teams
The volunteers
Those who are raising donations
And those who are donating their time and money

Every person involved in the Bushfires, are heroes.

I admire their strength during this horrific time.

It's heartbreaking and not a day goes by that I haven't cried.

My family was stuck in a bush fire when I was 8. We were scared, in awe and very lucky.

There are many ways for people to help, please don't forget the animals

The Red Cross
Wildlife Victoria
Donate to RSPCA Victoria
The Salvation Army


Myst_72 said...

I thought it was just me... donation went to the RSPCA Victoria yesterday.

Animals can't 'ask' for help.
They have no insurance.
Their homes can't be rebuilt they need to be regrown.

I will be shopping at Coles on Friday to help the people too.

Something about this photo brings me to tears every time I've looked at it.


Tania said...

You said it perfectly.. animals can't ask for help.

It's just all so heart breaking

River said...

I'll be doing my bit by shopping at Coles on Friday and adding a few dollars to the donation too, then I'll be heading in to the city to donate blood. Years ago someone's blood saved my life, now I want to return the favour.