Wednesday, August 9, 2006


never again will i feel inferior
I wont be walked upon
I am not yours to destroy
you will not bring me down
and how many times
do you have to be told
I am my own person
I am not yours to mould
I can hold my head up high
knowing that I wont change
my soul is forever mine
and my memories will not be erased
but I am stronger for all
the struggles that I have had to face
the pain will never leave
and there's a part of my heart reserved
especially for the agony
that people say I deserved
each heartbreak makes me stonger
my tears are empowering to me
knowing that no longer
will I surrender to you
and one day
I will be free


Steph said...

I know those feelings that you've written about.
I hope you're ok sweetie.

T666 said...

lol how bout...

0 tears empower me
knowing that soon u will b no longer
will i smash u in da face
not today...
ill use dis steel bat :p


Tania said...

I'm good today, just going a bit mental

D i wish I lived near you, you make me laugh :)