Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have 5 minutes to write, yay :)

Gisele Aurelia is now 12 weeks old, she's a giggly, happy baby, an absolute blessing.

She was 10 days overdue and was born on November 30th at 7:52pm
Not the best labour, but she wasn't distressed at any stage. I wish things had gone differently, but I tried.
When she was born, she was screaming, they handed her to me and I said "Hello beautiful" and she looked at me and stopped crying, it still makes me teary when I think about it. She made baby noises and held her head up right away. I didn't care that she was covered in blood and vernix, I kissed her little face, I fell in love with her squooshed little face, she was perfect, there were no problems.

She was a teeny tiny 2.7kgs (5 pound 15) but 52cm long (20.5 inches) and she's been growing and gaining weight quite rapidly, last check up at 8 weeks she was already over 4kg and 58cm
She's obviously doing a whole lot better being outside of me :)

She sleeps so beautifully, always has. She either sleeps through the night or gets up once at 4 or 5am for about 10 minutes. During the day when she shows tired signs, I put her in her bassinet and she settles herself to sleep (no tears, no dummies, and have never used controlled crying) We're just lucky that she is an easy baby. People have said to me "it's because you're older..." etc etc, I say bull to that, I'm not doing anything differently to what I did with my other two daughters, Gisele is just a different baby who likes letting her mummy and daddy sleep :)

The girls adore their little sister and they are a big help to me, I'm very lucky to have them.

The only thing my beautiful baby wont do is take a bottle of expressed milk! She gives me filthy looks when we try and give her a bottle. I'm going to have an awful lot of Avent products listed on ebay soon lol

Things I have learnt about Gisele, she likes sitting in the water at the beach, she prefers showers to baths, she loves to giggle, she's very determined - she has been pulling herself up to standing by hanging onto our fingers since she was 6 weeks.. we were so stunned that we videoed her doing it. She wants to move, she pulls herself along the floor. She sees something on the ceiling which fascinates her and she has conversations with it (Guardian Angel or fairies maybe?) And she makes my day when she smiles at me.

And now she's awake :)


Jewell said...

she looks so beautiful....wish she could have a chat with Olivia...sleeping thtough is not something she thinks is for her lol

Deborah said...

My youngest sister was 10 days late and an absolute dream also. There must be something to cooking for longer!

Cyndy said...

What a gorgeous girl! You are obviously a very good cow Tania, and your oven functioned quite well really: look who it created ;0)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.