Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a beautiful day, month, year, life

Thank you for emails from concerned people, I appreciate it.

Quick update on the baby front...
can't believe there's only 7 1/2 weeks to go!!!

I luckily have a brilliant Obstetrician at JHH who took the time to answer my list of questions, he's also very much for vaginal deliveries after cesareans.
He did a quick scan to check my fluid and said that it hadn't increased which is great! And the baby has turned, it's head down and is still extremely active.

We're kind of ready for the baby. Over the years I have hoarded so much stuff that there's no room for the baby or Glen, plus we live in a tiny 2 bedroom flat, I have been cleaning things slowly, but we're getting there, trying to decide whether markets or a garage sale would be the right way to go. Attempting to make room for Glen's stuff in my cupboard is difficult, I have the most gorgeous, ethereal, gothic, feminine, princess, hippy, etc dresses and I am struggling to part with any of them! Hope all he needs to put in there is a couple of shirts and a suit lol

Things are progressing though, I was trying to decide what kind of car seat I should get, and then I got a sheep skinned lined baby capsule for free! Got the pram off ebay, brand new from a lovely lady in Mayfield who I still keep in contact with, there's lots of clothes, just need somewhere for the little one to sleep when it gets home, I have a beautiful antique hooded basinette that I bought when I was pregnant with A, I need to get it out of the garage (yes I said I was a hoarder, I keep everything) and scrub it and keep it in the sun for a while when all this dust and wind settles down. I've got a new tea tree mattress for it, so looks like all I need now is Glen to get here in 18 days 22 hours and 28 minutes and then for labour to start :)

I have been thinking about my life last year, I was abused and struggling to find my strength. Reading a blog post I wrote a year ago and I found this..

A "
asked me why I was happy today, I told her that if I spent the morning miserable then that is how I would spend my day and isn't it better to have a happy day"
And this
"I said to my mother "what did I do to deserve to be treated like this for so long?" and straight away I answered my own question, I believe that this is a small dark dead end alley on my path, I was given this because I needed it to move on and find my strength, so I am ok."

I found my strength, with the help of many people. Last year I would never have guessed that within a year I would be engaged to a man I have loved for 11 years, and having a baby.
I can honestly say I have no regrets for what the abuser put me through, because it took that to get me where I am now.

I hope everyone has the happies :)


Wendy said...

Glad to hear everything is ok after the last post. Thinking of you and the girls and sending blessings for Glen's quick arrival and the continuation of your wonderful journey together ♥

Hippy Witch said...

Good on you Tania, keep up the happies, how is your skin going. If your selling any dresses let me know, ok.

Jewell said...

great to hear that you're getting things going..let me know if you need a baby bath...we have a brand new you can have

Myst_72 said...



Anonymous said...

er.."a couple of shirts and a suit"? I think I might have to leave a suitcase or two behind ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh yea...I love you :)


Tania said...

Thank you Wendy :) I can't wait for him to get here and then not have to leave, I'll be sitting here watching the plane tracker website lol

Diana my skin is wonderful, the cream is great :) thank you so much for it! I'm struggling to part with my dresses, a lot of them Glen actually bought for me, there's a few skirts though, tree of life stuff, just have to do a final cull soon x

Thanks Jewell, a baby bath would be great :)x

Thank you for your support G :) xx

Glen I'm glad you understand how important my dresses are and you're willing to sacrifice your things lol I love you too